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Build Better Teams with our J.E.D.I Cohort Training Program.

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Guided by August Ball, an expert

J.E.D.I facilitator and practitioner.

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Comprehensive 3 phase 


Science-backed culture assessments.

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Customized internal workplans and guided Implementation.

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Interactive + Collaborative learning experiences.

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Ongoing support and affinity groups.

Next J.E.D.I Cohort: Jan 2024

Client Testimonials

Cream City Conservation's J.E.D.I program utilizes a 3 phase approach and a combination of social science-backed assessments, a suite of interactive workshops, and presentations to build racial literacy and assist in developing a shared language. These components are critical to not only envisioning an organization's desired future state but to cultivating the internal culture and outward communication necessary to make that vision a reality.

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Phase 1
Assessing Organizational Culture

Each member organization of the cohort will conduct an assessment of their organization using Cream City Conservation's Culture Survey. The assessment measures culture, practices, and sense of belonging among staff as well as system structure, procedures, and program delivery of the organization. This assessment provides insights to help companies better understand the differing experiences of employees across social demographics via heatmaps.

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Phase 2
Foundational & Advanced Level Workshops

Cream City Conservation recognizes that one-off education workshops related to diversity can be helpful in "planting seeds", but without intentionally following up the education with action steps, they can do more harm than good. Because this work is lifelong and establishing shared language within a multi-dimensional organization on a historically layered, complex, and intersectional topic such as equity and anti-oppression, we have crafted a series of workshops that build upon one another.

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Phase 3
Workplan and Roadmap Process

Upon completion of Phases 1 & 2, your organization's workgroup, which will consist of a maximum of 6 people, will co-create a work plan that will outline how you will implement equitable practices in your organization to reach your desired future state. This plan will be informed by your existing knowledge about your organization, coupled with the results from your Culture Assessment. C4 will then work with your organization's workgroup to create a public-facing Roadmap document that highlights key items from your work plan and Culture Assessment.

The J.E.D.I Cohort Model

Cream City Conservation offers two ways to access our services, through working with us privately and our cohort model. Our cohort process supports larger organizations phase in their equity work either departmentally or hierarchically and supports smaller organizations of 100 or fewer. The cohort experience cultivates space for co-learning across industry while providing mutual accountability through the virtual workshop series and affinity spaces.

Learn more details about our J.E.D.I Cohort Program for organizations by downloading our guide.

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